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Alma Mater

7 years ago this day, I sat among the audience in this very auditorium. Anxious, tensed and probably questioning my life decisions. It was my first day in NITC as a student, and I had no idea what my second tenure in college was gonna be.

Fast forward to yesterday, adorning the diaz, I saw myself in those 1500 faces, the tension, the confusion and lots of hope. Its one thing to be invited back to one’s alma mater as a guest, and its something entirely wonderful when you get a chance to speak to your past selves, to assure them that they’re in a wonderful place, to tell them not to make the mistakes you’ve made, to offer them a pair of digital ears if they ever need someone to talk to, and most importantly, to show them what their future selves are capable of.

Thank you National Institute of Technology Calicut, and wishing all the very best for the Engineers of 2023.