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‘Dalgona App’ : Trying new things in pairs

The lockdown period has brought out the chef hidden in many busy-bodies. Last friday, I saw status update from 7 people in my network, who made Parottas at home. Good to see that people are enjoying their time at home, honing a very important life skill.

An interesting dish that gained popularity this season is a beverage, Dalgona Coffee, probably owing to the ease of making; ie limited ingredients (milk, water, sugar, coffee powder), limited setup (spoon and glass) and almost zero culinary skills.

I’ve been using WordPress for about a decade now, as my primary CMS of choice. I’ve used the wordpress app for atleast 3 years now, mostly to check visit stats of the websites I manage. I’ve never posted anything from the wordpress mobile app.

Today was the day.

This post is being composed in the WordPress Android app, with a glass full of homemade (Govind-made) Dalgona coffee in my coffee table. ☕