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‘Dalgona App’ : Trying new things in pairs

The lockdown period has brought out the chef hidden in many busy-bodies. Last friday, I saw status update from 7 people in my network, who made Parottas at home. Good to see that people are enjoying their time at home, honing a very important life skill.

An interesting dish that gained popularity this season is a beverage, Dalgona Coffee, probably owing to the ease of making; ie limited ingredients (milk, water, sugar, coffee powder), limited setup (spoon and glass) and almost zero culinary skills.

I’ve been using WordPress for about a decade now, as my primary CMS of choice. I’ve used the wordpress app for atleast 3 years now, mostly to check visit stats of the websites I manage. I’ve never posted anything from the wordpress mobile app.

Today was the day.

This post is being composed in the WordPress Android app, with a glass full of homemade (Govind-made) Dalgona coffee in my coffee table. ☕

Creating Interactive Presentations | Menti

Last week, I facilitated a workshop at Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science in Andhra Pradesh. 

The first session was a generic 2 hour introduction to AI, for which the whole college was invited. I could see the annoyance in the faces of the kids, who were forced to attend a lecture. Worse, one of their teachers told me “You should be glad if anyone even acknowledges you”. 

I started the talk, to a bunch of sleepy eyed 20-year olds. In a short while, things turned around. The kids interacted, gave me comments, personal anecdotes. Most importantly, they asked questions. ASKED QUESTIONS. Their own teachers were surprised that their kids would ask these many questions.


What did I do differently? 


I used this interactive presentation webapp called menti. With menti, my audience could interact with me live and realtime. I could see their questions scrolling in the white screen, projected all the way from my laptop. 


Menti window with realtime questions scrolling

Do try our menti for creating interactive presentations.

Of Awards and Recognitions

EY Advisory team bagged top honors at Cypher 2019, India’s largest Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) summit. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted Focus Group Analyzer (FGA) was recognized as the ‘Best Data Science Project of the year’.

Yours truly grabbed the award on behalf of the team, consisting of Archana H, Bhavana Gopakumar, Justin Joseph and Nithin Gopinath.