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My March Playlist

Except for a weekend in Chennai, I had spend March predominantly at home, owing to the COVID scenes and subsequent lockdown. Following are the songs that frequented my playlist this past month.

  1. Ennodothunarunna Pularikale | Sukrutham | ONV Kurup, Bombay Ravi, K J Yesudas

    The song is an ode of gratitude. The protagonist is grateful to the everything around him, for sustaining his journey of life. ONV’s lyrics ooze positivity, especially the phrase “തളരുമീയുടൽ താങ്ങിനെത്തിയ പരമമാം കാരുണ്യമേ ” is very thoughtful. Set in the soulful Sudha Dhanyasi, it encapsulates the spirit of hope set by the poet.

  2. Amudhangalaal Nirainthen | Aditya Varma | Thamarai, Radhan, Priyanka

    ‘Madhurame’ from Arjun Reddy was catchy right from the first listen, owing to Radhan’s veena + dubstep arrangements, that overlay of melancholy, and catchy voice processing. For some reason, it felt like Priyanka put more life into the song that Sameera.

  3. Aao Aao Sanwariiya | Padosan | Rajendra Kishan, R D Burman, Manna Dey

    Probably the best from an album full of superlative songs. The video is hilarious, Mehmud gets inside the skin of the character and the song simultaneously.

  4. Welcome to Wonderland | Anson Seabra

    Relaxing. Wait for the end.