Today is my 21st day of sitting at home. I self-imposed a lock-down much before the government declared one.

The gift of time was precious. In addition to many professional and personal things that were kept aside for quite some time owing to my being ‘busy’, could be fulfilled.

However, ranking above all that, I pinged someone very dear to me. We were not on talking terms for more than 2 years now. We never had a fight, or argument, ever. We just drifted away from each other, getting busy with our own lives. The space between us got filled with ego, preventing either from initiating a conversation.

Yesterday, I decided to conquer the ego. I sent a ‘Hi’. We talked. A day later, we both are happier than we were a day ago.

Not to sound preachy, but here is a fun activity for all of you to do during the lock-down.

  • Take your phone. Open any messaging app.
  • Scroll through your contact list. Find that one person you haven’t talked to in a while. Few suggestions
    • An old friend, from school or college
    • A distant relative
    • An ex, or even better, an ex-crush
  • Send a ‘hi’. Ask them how they are coping up with the lockdown.

It would be angelic to put a smile on someone’s face, during these troubled times.