Who am I?

Traveller. ? 19 countries across two continents. Backpacked across western Europe and Africa. Got arrested in Spain, held at gunpoint in Thailand, and almost died in the terrorist attack at London Bridge. Always narrates anecdotes from my trips. Always thinking of a startup ideas in the travel domain.

Foodie. ? Makes it a point to try as much indigenous dishes whenever I travel. Any new restaurant opens in Trivandrum, I’m usually one among the first 50 guests. Not a bad cook either

Author. ? Authoring a book on getting started on AI with low code tools. Started writing a novel about 2 years back. About 100 pages in, writers block kicked in. Resolution of 2022 is to complete and publish, so was resolution of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Speaker. ? Gives talks in colleges and events on technical and motivational topics. More of an excuse to skip office and travel, and getting paid is an extra incentive. ?

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